We keep your business running through Brexit

At Twill we know that Brexit means big changes for logistics. But you don’t have to worry – we are here for you. We have gathered all the important information you need to know to navigate your business through Brexit. Plus, we have the right partners to guide you through the Brexit maze.

What Brexit is and what it means for you

With the UK’s decision to leave the EU, also known as Brexit, businesses must prepare their logistics to guarantee goods’ smooth transport over the boarders to and from the UK. From the beginning of 2021, you will have to navigate the transition from free trade across Europe to a Brexit compliant trade.

Is your company trading or moving goods between the UK and EU countries? Then it is most likely involved and affected by Brexit. This is because Brexit has the potential to impact the transport of freight into and out of the UK, across different modes of transportation.

How Brexit will impact your logistics

Security checks

A new border infrastructure will mean more security checks for your freight

Border delays

Border delays

Additional paperwork

With Brexit and more border controls approaching, this also means more paperwork and additional time spent for you and your business.

Twill and Maersk are here for you through Brexit

It is important to ensure that you work with a logistics company that understands which changes are happening and how Brexit will impact your business operations. With Brexit around the corner, negotiating with suppliers and partners is imperative to avoid significant costs and delays. This is even more relevant throughout the current disruptive situation. Our information on Incoterms can provide you guidance along the way.

At Twill we won’t let you down. Being supercharged by industry leader, Maersk, we aren’t just moving your ocean and inland transportation but also care about customs services.

And we can connect you with Maersk’s customs service experts. They are here to give you the support you need to move through the Brexit maze. Find out more about Maersk’s dedicated Brexit service.

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